Oxygen Scavenger

Oxygen Scavenger includes Morpholine widely used for The raw material for producing desulfurization agent, boiler corrosion inhibitors, boiler water treatment, vulcanization accelerator, emulsifier, antistatic agent, latex coagulant, oil product additives, corrosion resistance agents, fungicides, pesticides, 

but also Cyclohexylamine,is mainly used to manufacture rubber accelerant (such as NOBS, OTOS, and MDS), sulfuration agent (like DT-DM), cleanser, descaling agent, antirust, anti-scorching agent, antiseptic, surfactant, textile printing & dyeing agent, optical bleaching agent, chemical plating bath, antioxidant, hydrolyzing agent, initiator, developer, fruit preserving agent, deodorizer, brightener, and organic solvents.

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