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  • CMC Paper Making Grade displays many excellent performance in paper-making technology. it is higher valued by the majority of paper engineers and is widely used in the production of paper and paperboard, such as paper and paperboard coating process, coating rheology modifier, water - retention agent, film-forming agent, auxiliary adhesives, wet end retention enhancers and surface sizing agents, grinding aids, filler modifier and the flocculating agent which used in waste water treatment etc.

  • Tetrasulfonated Optical Whitening Agent is a liquid fluorescent whitening agent used in papermaking.

  • Fluorescent Brightener BA-L has a much better whitening effect than VBL at pH 6-8. Belonging to the anionic type, it can be used in one bath with anionic or nonionic surfactants. This product has excellent stability in high and low-temperature storage.

  • The following is about AKD Neutral Sizing Agent,i hope to help you better understand it.

  • Retention and Drainage Aid is a low viscosity, high concentration, water dispersing polyacrylamide emulsion. Retention And Filtration is widely used in a variety of papers such as corrugated paper, cardboard paper, whiteboard paper, culture paper, newsprint, film-coated base paper, etc.

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