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Dispersing agent|Dispersing agent Functions|Dispersing agent Trade Names


Dispersing agent|Dispersing agent Functions|Dispersing agent Trade Names

Definition of dispersing agent

Dispersants are effective in dyeing conditions, stable to hard water, high temperature, and other dye additives, and help maintain the dispersion of dye molecules in the dye bath. Disperse dyes are insoluble in water and form aqueous dispersions in water. At first, these dye molecules form large particles, which are made into small particles by grinding. However, since they are insoluble in water, uneven dyeing may occur if they are used directly in the dye bath. Therefore, to ensure uniform and trouble-free dyeing, the dyes should be present in a homogeneous and wonderful form in the dye bath and should be stably dispersed. This is why special chemicals called dispersants are used in the dye bath. They should be effective and stable against hard water, high temperatures, and other dyeing aids under dyeing conditions.


Examples are soap powder, Turkish red oil, alkaline sulfates, alkyl aryl sulfonates, etc. All are surfactants. Dispersing agents are recommended for disperse dyes.

Functions of dispersing agent

1. It helps to reduce the particle size of the dye. 2.

2. This dye can be made into a powder.

3. It helps to turn the powder into a dispersion for dyeing.

4. It is not a surfactant, so it does not have wetting, foaming, and washing properties.

5. It can keep the dispersion in good shape in the dye bath during the dyeing process.

6. It can increase the solubility of disperse dyes in water.

7. It has compatibility with anionic and nonionic products.

8It affects the speed of dyeing.

9Alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, salt-resistant

10, when mixed with cationic products in neutral and acidic media, will produce precipitation.


Aliases of dispersants (for trade)





-Dispersant WS



Examples of Dispersants.

-Soap palm agent

-Turkish red oil

-Alkyl sulfonates

-Alkyl alkyl propylenesulfonate


-Lignin sulfonate

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