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1 aluminum sulfate color

Aluminum sulfate is a white, solid compound. The chemical formula for aluminum sulfate is Al (SO shark). The compound is highly reactive with water and produces aluminum hydroxide when reacted with water. This aluminum hydroxide is also white in color.


2Is Aluminium sulfate an acid or a base?


Aluminum sulfate is strictly speaking an acid; it is very acidic and is sometimes added to highly alkaline soils to balance plants' pH. When aluminum sulfate comes in contact with water, it forms aluminum hydroxide and a dilute solution of sulfuric acid, which changes the soil's acidity.


3Is aluminum sulfate safe to drink?


AWWA recommends that aluminum concentration in drinking water should not exceed 0.05 (0.05 ppm or mg/L), and USEPA recommends that it not exceed 0.2 ppm.


4Why is Aluminium sulfate used in water treatment?


Aluminum sulfate is used to purify water and as a media dyeing agent for dyeing and printing textiles. During water purification, suspended impurities coagulate into large particles that tend to settle at the bottom of the container (or filter). This process is called coagulation or flocculation.


5Why do we add aluminum sulfate to the water?


When added to water, aluminum sulfate causes microscopic impurities to agglomerate into larger and larger particles. These agglomerates settle to the bottom of the container and can be filtered. This makes drinking water safer.


6Is aluminum in drinking water harmful?


Although there is no evidence that ingesting foods or beverages that naturally contain traces of aluminum is harmful, several investigators have recently reported cases of short-term exposure to huge levels of aluminum in drinking water or dialysis fluid, resulting in a clinical diagnosis of dementia.

Aluminum sulfate




Aluminum sulfate is a commonly used industrial chemical. It is a compound composed of aluminum, sulfur, and oxygen and is usually a dry, crystalline, powdered substance that becomes sticky when wet and does not burn. The solution Al2(SO4)3, also known as "alum," has been used since ancient Egyptian times to help with dyeing techniques.

Today, aluminum sulfate is still used to help with paper printing and other industrial uses, including household products and wastewater treatment.

① As a media dye.


Aluminum sulfate is used as a media in the dyeing process. Media dyes are substances that help dyes to print on fabric or paper. When mixed with water, aluminum sulfate produces sludge-like aluminum hydroxide that helps textiles absorb dyes. It also makes the fabric dye insoluble in water so that the fabric does not bleed. Aluminum sulfate has been used in large quantities since 2000 B.C., but only organic dyes are available that require media dyes. Modern synthetic dyes are not needed.


② As a coagulant.


The largest industrial use of aluminum sulfate is as a coagulant in water treatment plants. The treatment of wastewater and drinking water is an integral aspect of modern infrastructure, and therefore, aluminum sulfate is used in large quantities.


When mixed with water, aluminum sulfate appears in various forms with varying ionization degrees, attracting contaminants to the water, precipitating, and easy cleaning. This precipitation is called sedimentation. The Safe Drinking Water Foundation explains that most municipal treatment plants use aluminum sulfate. The use of aluminum-based coagulants results in slightly higher aluminum levels in the treated water, but usually at safe levels.


③ In the paper industry.


As with dyeing, aluminum sulfate has been replaced by modern developments in the paper industry but is still used in some pulp. This acidic chemical has been used to remove impurities from paper water. It is also used in the pulp itself, helping to bind materials, neutralize charges, and rosin binders. Alum-free acid-free paper is popular as a more durable, less discolored option.


④ Other uses.


Aluminum sulfate also helps control the growth of algae in ponds, lakes, and waterways. Gardeners also use this acidic compound with plants to adjust pH levels, especially in alkaline soils. It is also used in firefighting foams, deodorants, baking soda, tanning, fertilizers, soaps, pharmaceuticals, and chemical catalysts.


Aluminum sulfate is widely used as an industrial chemical, most notably in water treatment as a primary coagulant.

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