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Best amino trimethylene phosphonic acid 2020


1、What is Aminotrimethylenephosphonic Acid?


ATMP or amino trimethylene phosphonic acid is phosphonic acid with the chemical formula N(CH2PO3H2)3. It has a dragon-conjugate nature. It is synthesized by the Mannish-type reaction of ammonia, formaldehyde, and phosphoric acid like the Cabazite-Field reaction.


Aminotrimethylenephosphonic Acid    



ATMP has excellent small coincidence, low threshold inhibition, and lattice distortion ability to prevent scale formation, especially calcium carbonate, in aqueous systems. It can prevent scale formation in the water system, especially calcium carbonate. ATMP has good chemical stability and is difficult to be hydrolyzed in the water system. At high concentrations, it has good corrosion inhibition.


ATMP can be used in industrial circulating cooling water systems in thermal power plants, oil refineries, and other fields and oilfield transmission pipelines.


ATMP can reduce the formation of scale and inhibit the corrosion of metal equipment and pipelines.ATMP can be used as a polymerization agent and a metal surface treatment agent in textile and printing and dyeing industries.


ATMP is solid as crystal powder, easily soluble in water and deliquescent, suitable for winter or frozen areas. High purity can be used in the weaving, printing, and dyeing industry and metal surface treatment agent.


3What are the uses of amino trimethyl phosphonic acid?


ATMP, also known as amino-trimethyl phosphonic acid, is widely used in power stations, oil fields, central air conditioning, and other circulating cooling water systems. It can also be used in the textile and printing and dyeing industry. As an anti-Escalante and compounding agent, the recommended dosage is 1-20mg/l, which can be increased to 20-60mg/l subsequently. As a corrosion inhibitor, it can be increased to 20-60mg/l.

 Aminotrimethylenephosphonic Acid

4. Use method.


ATMP is usually used together with organic phosphoric acid, polycarboxylic acid, salt, etc., to establish all organic alkaline water treatment agents available. ATMP can be used in various circulating cooling water systems. It is recommended to use 1-20 mg/l. As a corrosion inhibitor, the best amount to use is 20-60mg/L.


5. Packaging and storage.


200L plastic drum, IBC(1000L), according to customer's requirement. Store in a cool and dry place for 10 months.


6. Safety protection.


Acidic, avoid contact with eyes and skin. Once contacted, rinse with water.


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