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Rapid growth in global water treatment chemicals market demand


Demand for clean water and safe water in emerging markets will create substantial growth opportunities for the water treatment chemicals market. Water treatment chemicals include organic coagulants, flocculants, ion exchange resins, and formulated products. Formulated products include other specialty chemicals, such as biocides, preservatives, and scale inhibitors. By 2030, the world will need 40 percent more water than it did in 2015, and 40 percent less water will be available, according to Ecolab Water Treatment of America. "The increasing scarcity of freshwater worldwide remains one of the most pressing issues of our time," said Christoph Baker, president of the water treatment company. Water is becoming increasingly expensive due to increasing demand and decreasing supply. From 2014 to 2030, the cost of water in India is expected to increase by 78%, the cost of water in China is expected to increase by 133%, and the cost of water in the United States is expected to increase by 192%.

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According to IHS Consulting, the global water treatment chemicals market was valued at $9.33 billion in 2018 and is estimated to grow at a rapid CAGR of 3.8% from 2018 to 2023. the most extensive global water treatment chemicals market in 2018 was China, with a market value of $3.1 billion and a 33% share of the worldwide market. The second-largest market was North America, with a market value of $3 billion and accounting for 32% of the global market.

From 2018 to 2023, the growth rate of global demand for water treatment chemicals varies by region and country, with the Middle East and Africa growing at an introductory zero rate, Western Europe at an average annual growth rate of 1%, North America at an average annual growth rate of 2.3%, and China at an average annual growth rate of 7%. China and India, and other emerging economies such as water treatment chemicals market demand for high growth are mainly driven by the need for clean water and water safety and the population growth stimulus. Also, the rapid industrialization of these countries and the development of power generation capacity has also supported the rapid growth of water treatment chemicals demand.

According to IHS Consulting, the most significant potential for growth in demand for water treatment chemicals will occur in emerging markets, particularly China.

There are regional differences in water treatment chemicals

There are also regional differences in the use of water treatment chemicals globally. iHS consulting firm said that water treatment chemicals (mainly coagulants and flocculants) are used more frequently in North America than in Europe and Japan. In Europe and Japan, engineered and other technical solutions are preferred because they can replace water treatment chemicals.

Among water treatment chemicals, cheaper inorganic chemicals, such as alum and ferric chloride, are usually preferred over organic polymers. In developed countries, the growth rate of water treatment chemical consumption slows down as there is an increasing emphasis on minimizing usage and reducing costs.

While seawater desalination is widespread in the Middle East and Africa as a means of producing clean water and is increasingly used in coastal areas of the United States and Europe, this growth is not reflected in the consumption of specialty chemicals. Desalination of seawater typically requires more expense in equipment costs, such as reverse osmosis membranes.

As awareness of the quality of drinking water (which has health effects) grows, regulatory standards are tightening and the need to protect it as a valuable resource. Water scarcity in North America is driving the implementation of closed-loop wastewater recycling systems, as well as the recycling and reuse of wastewater.

China is a huge market for water treatment chemicals.

G.E. (Water and Process Treatment Group) will invest $82 million over the next ten years to develop wastewater treatment technologies for the Asian region. A research and development center will be built in Singapore with the help of the National University of Singapore, which will be used for pilot testing of water treatment technologies, said Cassidy, general manager of GE Asia Pacific, adding that China is a huge market with many opportunities for growth in the country.

G.E. estimates that the world market for water treatment is $50 billion, and China is the fastest-growing region for water treatment chemicals and services, with demand growing at an average annual rate of 10.6 percent, and demand will reach about $5.8 billion by 2010.

According to G.E., specific projects for the new research center include water treatment technology and water treatment system packages, basic chemicals and membrane applications, and ion exchange technology. According to China's Environmental Protection Bureau, toxic chemicals discharged into rivers are causing serious pollution in 70 percent of lake and tributary waters. One-third of China's factories and companies reportedly have no wastewater treatment facilities. Last month, a state-run titanium dioxide plant in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, was ordered to reduce production because of substandard wastewater treatment. Similar situations have led to a growing number of European and American suppliers of water treatment chemicals and services to the Chinese market.

China Leads to Rapid Growth in Global Water Treatment Chemicals Market

According to a new study by Freedonia Group, the global market demand for water treatment chemicals and equipment is growing rapidly at an average annual rate of 6.4 percent, with the market's share estimated to reach $40 billion by 2011. According to Freedonia, the water treatment chemicals industry in developed regions and countries is currently growing at the same rate as local GDP growth, while emerging markets such as China and India are growing at more than double the global average. North America is growing at an average annual rate of 5.3%, with a market share of $12.97 billion by 2011; Western Europe is growing at an average annual rate of 4%, with a market share of $9.795 billion by 2011; Latin America is 6.3% and $1.37 billion; Eastern Europe is 8.6% and $1.695 billion; Africa and the Middle East is 7.4% and $1.14 billion. And $1.14 billion.


Over the past year, a number of water treatment chemical companies have entered into business acquisition transactions globally. One of the most recent transactions was the agreement by Israel Chemical Industries (ICL) to acquire Henkel's industrial water treatment business for 60 million euros ($89 million). The business will be integrated into ICL's Performance Products division, and according to ICL, the deal will strengthen the company's performance products research and development capabilities. In addition, Blackstone Group acquired a 20 percent stake in China's Blue Star Group for $600 million. Danaher, a U.S. company, acquired ChemTreat, a water treatment products supplier based in Glen Allen, Virginia, for $435 million, with 2006 revenues of more than $200 million. Dutch trading company Thermphos acquired the Request water treatment chemicals business of Shono Corporation for $67 million. Finland's Kemira acquired Arkema's coagulants business for $27.9 million.


According to analysts, China is currently the fastest growing country in the global water treatment chemicals and services sector, with growth rates outpacing national GDP growth. The rapid growth of the Chinese water treatment chemicals market is due to two main factors: the rapid development of the Chinese industry on the one hand and the Chinese government's increased efforts to improve environmental protection on the other. In this environment, the market for water treatment chemicals in China is full of opportunities. More and more foreign companies are increasing their investment in China's water treatment chemicals business through mergers and acquisitions and capacity expansion. In the past two years, Ashland USA has made several investments in China. In the same year, the company entered the water-soluble polymers market with the acquisition of Degussa's water treatment business for about 120 million euros while expanding its operations to Brazil, China, and Russia.

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