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How to use sodium polyacrylate?


What can sodium polyacrylate be used for? and how to use?

1. Product Overview

Sodium polyacrylate has a variety of functions such as thickening, emulsification, fugacity, puffing, stabilization, etc. It is widely used in flour products, food processing products, frozen foods, etc.. It is characterized by strong hygroscopicity, dissolved in water to form a high viscosity solution, the viscosity of 0.5% solution is more than 1000 cp. its viscosity is about 15 - 20 times that of similar products, can replace the role of CMC, gelatin, agar, sodium alginate, it can also reduce production costs, improve food grade, improve taste, extend shelf life, etc.. Good alkali resistance, long storage viscosity change, not easy to rot, the product as a thickener, can be used for a variety of food, add ≤ 0.2%.

2. Improvement of physical and chemical properties of food

(1) Enhance the adhesion of protein in raw material flour. 
(2) The starch particles are combined with each other, so that the particles are dispersed and penetrate into the network structure of protein.
(3) Formation of fine, smooth texture of the dough.
(4) Prevention of leaching of water-soluble starch because of the formation of a stable gel. 
(5) Uniform moisture retention in the dough because of high hydration, preventing dryness. 
(6) Improves the ductility of the dough.

(7) To make the oil components in the raw materials stably dispersed into the dough. 

3. Application scope

(1), cold drink industry 

 As the ingredient component of compound emulsion stabilizer, it can replace part of guaraku bean gum, CMC, xanthan gum, gelatin, etc., which can enhance the effect and reduce the cost.

(2), noodle products industry 

 Instant noodles, noodles, all kinds of special flour, baked goods, and other flour products, has the ability to enhance the protein bonding force in the raw material flour, prevent soluble starch and nutrients from leaking out, improve the ductility of the dough and the utilization rate of raw materials, improve the taste and flavor, inhibit the aging phenomenon caused by natural drying of bread and other foods, instant noodles and other fried food processing, so that the oil in the raw material is very stable dispersion to Dough, reduce oil absorption rate, save oil, the amount of about 0.05% -0.12%.

(3), meat products industry 

 Meatballs, make the product more sinewy, improve the viscoelasticity and elongation of protein fiber. Increase the meat feeling and reduce the cost. 

(4), and else 

 Sweet potato, corn, oats, potatoes and other vermicelli, vermicelli, vermicelli products, improve the product's tenderness, increase the cooking resistance: jam, tomatoes, jelly, pudding, ice cream, seasoning sauce and soy sauce thickening and stabilization; frozen food, aquatic processing products preservation "ice coat"; sugar liquid, brine, Chin material, wine clarifying agent. 

4. Using method

 Dissolving method: Add sodium polyacrylate powder slowly and evenly to warm water (preferably with soft water) under stirring, keep warm and stir until it dissolves into a uniform solution, the solution concentration is generally 0.1-0.2%, and the dissolving time is about 1 hour. If in the production of instant noodles, the dissolved solution should avoid contact with brine, the solution and brine should be added to the flour separately. 


1. Used as corrosion inhibitor, water quality stabilizer, paint thickener and water retention agent, flocculant, drilling mud treatment agent, etc.
2. This agent is used to treat circulating cold water of copper equipment, and its scale inhibition effect is good. At a dosage of 100 mg/L, it can form a chelate with scale-forming ions in medium hard water and flow with water and prevent an iron oxide scale formation. 
3. Used as low solid drilling industry filter loss reduction agent. 

4. This product is a suitable dispersant. You can use it in combination with other water treatment agents for oilfield water injection, cooling water, and boiler water treatment.