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  • The amide groups of Polyacrylamide can form hydrogen bonds with many substances, and the relatively high molecular weight Polyacrylamide can form a bridge between the ions being adsorbed, forming flocs, and accelerating the settling of particles, to achieve the ultimate goal of solid-liquid separation.

  • Water decoloring agent is a quaternary ammonium cationic polymer.

  • Decolorizing Flocculant is the company’s own research and development of decolorization, flocculation, COD, BOD, and other functions of the organic cationic polymer, commonly known as dicyandiamide formaldehyde condensation polymer.

  • We have been manufactured and exported our Polyferric Sulphate near 20 years; our Polyferric Sulphate is being exported to many countries our domestic and oversea customers give it a high honor. It is satisfied with NSF and AWWA B406-97 standards. And only Polyferric Sulphate is certified by NSF in China.

  • The following is about Poly DADMAC,i hope to help you better understand it.

  • Poly aluminium chloride(PAC)- vcycletech is mainly used in the water treatment industry and has related applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.