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  • XT-5000 Carboxylate-Sulfonate Copolymer is a superior scale inhibitor and dispersant. It has good inhibition for silica and magnesium silicate when used in recirculation cooling circuits and boilers. It is a superior phosphate scale inhibitor for dry or hydrated ferric oxide

  • Carboxylate-Sulfonate-Nonion Tri-polymer XT-3100 is a good scale inhibitor and dispersant for cool water treatment, it has good inhibition for dry or hydrated ferric oxide. XT-3100 is a all organic dispersant and scale inhibitor,XT - 3100 has good inhibition for dry iron oxide and hydrated ferric oxide.

  • Modified Sodium Polyacrylate XT-2000 is the copolymer of acrylic-acrylate-sulfosate, it is a good scale inhibitor for calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate and other inorganic minerals. XT-2000 can effectively stabilize calcium phosphate in formula containing phosphate.

  • Sodium Polyacrylate XT-1100 is the homopolymer of low molecular polyacrylic acid and its salts. Free of phosphate, it can be used in situations of low or none content of phosphate.

  • Antiscale Dispersant XT-1000 is a common inhibitor, as it can effectively inhibit precipitate of calcium carbonate, calcium oxalate, barium sulfate, and other salts with low solubility.

  • The main composition of Water Reducer | XT-904 is anion polymer. It can adsorb on microparticles' surface, resulting in static repulsion, resulting in disperse and preventing sedimentation and coarse turn-back.